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Tar Heel Shared Reader

Tar Heel Shared Reader provides free access to quality professional development, materials, and technology that support the implementation of shared reading for school-aged students with significant cognitive disabilities (SCD) who do not read connected text with comprehension above a 2nd grade level.
Tar Heel Shared Reader strives to improve literacy, communication, language, and academic skills of this group of students. The goal is to empower teachers to use an evidence-based approach to shared reading to provide their students with interactive access to grade level content while improving their students’ communication and literacy skills.

teacher and student reading together at a table
a teacher and student reading together

Professional Development

A comprehensive set of free professional development modules provide training and examples of Tar Heel Shared Reader teaching practices. Various formats allow for flexibility in order to best meet scheduling needs.

Supports for Coaching

Content coaching focuses attention on the what and how adults deliver instruction. In this case, it requires coaches to help educators consider ways to implement shared reading while meeting the unique learning needs of individual students.

Tar Heel Shared Reader coaching cycle includes coaching supports for:

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