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Professional Development

The professional development modules can be taken as an online course or facilitators can download materials to present these topics to groups.

an adult reading with a child
Module 1

Shared Reading

Module 1 will provide learners with information on the research-based instructional practice of shared reading. Participants will learn about shared reading goals, how early literacy concepts are impacted by shared reading, and how to use big ideas to prioritize their practice.

a teacher and student reading together
Module 2

Follow the CAR

Module 2 addresses the Follow the CAR approach to shared reading. Participants will be introduced to the Tar Heel Shared Reader interface and how to use it to pre-plan comments. Big ideas and self-reflection will be utilized to assist in identifying priorities for their practice.

a group of students reading with a teacerh
Module 3

Print Referencing

Module 3 expands on comments made when following the CAR to include print referencing. Forms of print referencing will be described and participants will learn the different areas of focus while engaging in print referencing.

a student and teacher reading together
Module 4

Putting the CROWD in the CAR

Module 4, addresses the second approach to shared reading, putting the CROWD in the CAR. Participants will learn to create comments that are appropriate for the language and literacy abilities of students. Self-reflection on big ideas will be used to assist in prioritizing their practice.

Module 5

Putting It All Together

Module 5, Putting It All Together, integrates and applies all of the content from the four previous modules.